django-baton’s documentation

A cool, modern and responsive django admin application based on bootstrap 5

Baton was developed with one concept in mind: overwrite as few django templates as possible. Everything is done with css (sass and bootstrap mixins), and when the markup needs some edit, then DOM manipulation through js is used.


  • Supports django >= 2.1
  • Based on bootstrap 5 and FontAwesome 6
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom and flexible sidebar menu
  • Text input filters facility
  • Configurable form tabs
  • Easy way to include templates in the change form page
  • Collapsable stacke inline entries
  • Lazy load of current uploaded images
  • Optional index page filled with google analytics widgets
  • Full customization available recompiling the provided js app
  • it translations


_images/mobile_mix.jpg _images/mobile_mix2.png _images/tablet.png _images/splash-login.png _images/index-no-analytics.png _images/changelist-lg.png _images/changeform-error.png _images/filters-modal.png _images/menu-collapsed.png